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Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications
Minister for Digital Transformation


The G7 Hiroshima Summit will be held in May in Hiroshima under the chair of Japan. Prior to this, “the G7 Gunma-Takasaki Digital and Tech Ministers’ Meeting in Takasaki, Gunma” will be held in Gunma Prefecture on April 29-30, hosted by three Ministers: the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications MATSUMOTO Takeaki, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry NISHIMURA Yasutoshi, and myself, the Minister for Digital Transformation KONO Taro.

In addition to the significant progress that has been seen in digitalization and the emergence of various issues that need to be addressed, there has been a dramatic change in the global environment surrounding digital affairs, including Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

In light of these changes, at the Ministers’ Meeting, regarding the “Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT),”we will discuss a framework for operationalizing the DFFT in cooperation with the G7 and other countries, while respecting national regulations, enhancing transparency, ensuring interoperability, and promoting through public-private partnerships. A range of issues and opportunities related to digitalization will also be discussed at the meeting.

Operationalizing the DFFT is expected to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and others to develop cross-border business by enabling them to safely and securely use data not only from Japan, but also from around the whole world. Furthermore, as Japan's population is on a downward trend, DX(Digital Transformation) is expected to help realize a "human-friendly digitalization: no one left behind" that is richer and warmer than today.

Gunma Prefecture, where the Ministers’ meeting will be held, is blessed with an abundance of quality hot springs such as Ikaho, Kusatsu, Minakami, and Shima, as well as delicious food such as Jyoshu beef, and moreover you can experience the prefecture’s beautiful nature. I am convinced that we can offer a typical Japanese hospitality to our G7 members. Amid this wonderful environment, I look forward to candid discussions among the ministers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gunma is home to the Rinko-kaku in Maebashi City, a traditional Japanese building where a famous artist's music video was shot, and the G-Messe Gunma venue in Takasaki City which will be home to the first international conference to be held in Gunma and it is also where we will hold the G7 exhibition.

The Digital Agency will make every effort to make the Ministers’ Meeting a success.

We look forward to your understanding and cooperation in this regard.